My experience of travel in Canoe Nature Routes here it is.
My travel and routes have been measured in for 10 to 30 kilometers in distance and length. This routes have been studied by myself and the routes have been by myself as well, with the help of local villagers and personal experience. Usually I only go on the attractive routes that can are rural and rustic. Example I go only on North Holland+Holland 2.
When I travelled Noor-Hooland which is now available at this time for order. The other provinces will follow in its due time that is relative on the interest of the people behind me and our objective is to promote the canoeing recreational for the way to be open for the routes I design for vacation and tour.

The other provinces will follow in the course of time, depending on the interest and cooperation of my sponsors. My objective is to promote the recreational canoeing on the way through to my in precision elaborate routes.


This is a route from Kano nature trails Rob Nuij.

Here is another story, from Kano nature trails to Rob Nuji.

First I started to take the A6 Exit 18 in Oosterzee-Follega-Woudsend which was known as N354. While following the road following the road along Woudsend after that you will cross a bridge that is 1km away from the village of Hommerts, after which you have to turn at left when you see the sign Oudega. While doing that you need to keep holding on Oudega. If you drive into the Oudega turn left to the church and at the Bearshoeke campsite there is the right at the entrance. A good entry to a boat trailer is at the lawn.

Now from the entrance to the lawn, you’ll have to sail to the right there is a small canal there by the Oudega. When you sail a port in the bowl turn right and high diver below and then right once again. In the distance you will wind +- 12 m wide ditch that will wind the meadows approximately 150 m you’ll find the exit lake called Ring gear.

After which you’ll have a fun at the nature while seeing all the beauty of nature!

Trully an amazing experience!