Paddling the canoe


There are some rules that are used and followed will let you follow that will let you paddle the most comfortably, safely and efficiently. You need to use the power of torso rotation. You need to let your upper, lower bodies work independently but cooperatively with each other and you need to keep your hands within your field of vision.

Rotate your torso in every paddle stroke and use your upper body to power the stroke not just arms and the shoulders. In fact think of the arms as just tuning  the position of the paddle. While the torso acts as the motor to drive  each stroke.
Torso rotation involves twisting at  the way the wind up your body when your body is wound up your chest will no longer face the direction that your canoe is pointing with your body wound up your arms position your paddle of the water the power of your stroke now comes in the unwinding motion of your upper body.

When you’re paddling your upper  and lower body. Each have their own unique role to play. To play your body controls the paddle and provides the power needed to move your canoe. While the lower body is charge to keeping the boats stable or tilting it on the edge when necessary.

If you need to make a carving turn with you canoe. You’ll be tilting it at the same way you tilt your bike into a  turn to this  you need  press down with  one need to bring your canoe on the edge while the upper body stays upright.